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Academic work

In addition to working as a counsellor and psychotherapist I am also Head of Department of Psychology at The Open University, where I research and write about a wide variety of issues in social psychology, counselling/psychotherapy and sexualities.

I am also Honorary Professor of Psychology at Aalborg University in Denmark.

I am invited to speak and teach masterclasses throughout the world on a variety of issues relating to my work. I am currently completing my latest book on sexual citizenship for Oxford University Press. I am co-editor of the academic journal
Psychology & Sexuality, published by Taylor & Francis. Some selected publications include (for a full list of publications please visit my academic webpage at The Open University):

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  • Barker, M., Vossler, A. & Langdridge, D. (2010). Understanding Counselling. London: Sage / Milton Keynes: The Open University.
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