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Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Individual and relationship counselling and psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Clinical and academic supervision for trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists

Counselling and psychotherapy are often relatively indistinguishable. In general, counselling is shorter-term work focussing on a specific problem (such as bereavement or unemployment) whilst psychotherapy tends to be longer-term and more broad ranging or dealing with more fundamental issues in our lives. I offer both counselling and psychotherapy, which can be short-term (for instance, six sessions) or more open-ended (for instance, over several years). I do not work to encourage dependency, however, as a key principle for the way I work is the need for people to be helped to find their own solutions to their problems and then go out into the world and make it work for them.

Counselling and psychotherapy sessions are usually weekly though occasionally other arrangements can be made. We will constantly review progress to ensure that you are satisfied with the work and the length of the work can be discussed on a rolling basis. Coaching sessions are likely to be time limited and are arranged on an individual basis.

  • £80 per 50 minute individual counselling or psychotherapy session (usually weekly)
  • £80 per 50 minute relationship (couple or more) counselling or psychotherapy session (usually weekly)
  • £80 per 50 minute session of clinical or academic supervision
  • Coaching fees arranged on an individual basis
  • I maintain a small number of lower fee spaces for clients on lower incomes (please email to ask about these)


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