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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Existenz is the practice name for Professor Darren Langdridge, a UKCP registered psychotherapist offering counselling and psychotherapy in South West London.

Welcome. I offer individual and relationship counselling and psychotherapy in South West London (SW11), providing a safe, judgement free and confidential environment for people wishing to talk with a qualified and experienced therapist. I offer clinical and academic supervision to trainee and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists alike, and also bespoke coaching interventions.

When we meet I will seek to understand what you are experiencing from your perspective and will then discuss with you what this means, the challenges you are facing and how you might find ways to live differently. Many people have benefitted from seeing a counsellor/ psychotherapist and find themselves gaining new insight and changing their life for the better, as a result.

I have considerable experience of working with people encountering a wide variety of problems in living including:

  • profound sadness (depression)
  • anxiety
  • loss
  • personal crisis
  • relationship difficulties
  • sexual problems (inc. sexual identity issues)
  • gender issues (inc. gender identity issues)
  • lack of motivation
  • life dilemmas
  • health problems (including terminal conditions)
  • compulsive and obsessional behaviours (including addictions)
  • employment difficulties

and much more besides ...

If you are encountering any of these difficulties, or indeed others not listed, and feel you need professional support from a highly qualified and experienced counsellor/ psychotherapist then please do contact me.




For those of you that wish to know why my practice is called Existenz ...


Existenz is a German word used by some of the founding figures in existential psychotherapy to refer to the way that life is a process of becoming, where we realise ourselves through our choices and actions in the world rather than who we are (or can be) being fixed as a result of our biology, upbringing or personality. My approach to counselling and psychotherpy is, therefore, conversational, with client and therapist engaged in a journey of discovery such that new ways of living and dealing with the problems that we all face become apparent.